Flea market Les Chineurs gourmands


Since its renovation in 1991, the barn of the Ferme castrale has experienced many events: antique shows, exhibitions, dance recitals, theatrical performances

2011 07 19 Elevation3


In early April 2011, the association La Rawète opened there a secondhand market of books and objects, with an impressive stock from donations that people make it to support its action.


2011 05 01 panoramique chin

Panoramic of the ground floor of the barn and flea market

The title of this flea market, Les Chineurs gourmands, is inspired by curiosity, the pleasure of discovery, the passion of lovers of antiques but also of the love, even the voracity, shown by reading lovers. And therefore

you, gourmet hunters for antiques,
are welkom!

Objects offered are old and sometimes unusual : the "object of curiosity" is one of the strengths of this market. Tableware, glassware, bottles, jugs, dishes, etc. but also tools, paintings, statues, ceramics, cages, medals, etc.

As for the books: There are really thousands! and all kinds, arranged thematically:

Literature novels, detective, science fiction, etc.
Various languages dictionaries, grammars
Encyclopedias general and specialized
History Antiquity, conflict, French history, world history, biographies, etc.
Transports aviation, railways, cars, etc.
Leisure and Society cooking, hunting, fishing, aquariums, decoration, crafts, needlework
Cartoons for children and adults
Youth tales, novels…
Arts cinema, photography, dance, gun, computer, painting, sculpture, etc.
Nature Oceans, wildlife, flora, gardening
Tourism guides, books on specific regions
Sciences medicine, psychology

If you can not find the gem you need, please contact Charles or Josée, ours volunteers, beacause many other books are still in reserve, unexposed lack of space!

2011 07 19 Charles et Josee

And if you want to get rid of objects or books without putting them in the trash ... remember that we welcome your donations!