A museum liked by gourmets, gastronomes and gluttons!

For you, the curious and funny history of cookery and food since the antiquity to nowadays

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Discover the fidibus carrier, the zageman, the bousillé, …the lavatory for flies !  The symbolic value of cucumber and artichoke, the multiple uses of sugar, the dangers of the feeding bottle… A new way to discover the history of the gastronomy!


Cheminée du musée

Charles Xavier Menage, curator of the museum, talking with two guests.

Our museum of the Gourmandise speaks about archaeology, history and folklore of the Gastronomy and the food

Gourmandise is a French untranslatable word that can be understood only by connoisseurs: it's almost the opposite of gula [gluttony], one of the seven deadly sins.

Biberon du 18e siècle You will find here some 1200 objects,
pieces of furniture and paintings,
rares or curious, displayed in rotation, about gastronomy and tabacco, with a real eclecticism.
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Vue d'une salle du musée

Strange objects, of which the guide explains the use, add spice to the visit of a museum which organizes temporary exhibitions and collaborates with various scientific institutions.

You will be...

    • Admiring facing the material of fire and cooking
    • Staggered by the quality of the objects created to nourish children and adults (and which could have also a decorative or symbolic use!)
    • Intrigued by the diversity of the ustensils, from the most precious… to the most crazy
    • Fascinated  by the paintings of Joos Goemare and Jacqueline Lurkin
    • Dazzled by the masterpieces!

"Egoist's snuffbox", Julian Key's poster, chocolate ladle, racks or ...speaker's glass, all are subject to explanation or amazing stories told by the guide, also responsible for the reception of disabled..

Special tours are organized for schools, according to the thematic demands of the teachers.


I visited the Museum in May, 2008 as a location for my students to visit during their study in Belgium. It was a wonderful educational experience for the students in Food Science and Human Nutrition.

Aubrey Coffee, professor, Clemson university, USA - 2008, May 8


The Gourmet Museum, without being subsidized, is included in the museum collections of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. It appears in the Guide of the museums of the province of Liège. It is also found on the portal of the museums of Wallonia. The museum is an active member of Museums and Society in Wallonia.
It is mentioned in Wikipedia and in Le Petit Futé - Liège.


The museum is located in a remarkable architectural site of the  seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, in the rooms covered with vaults of the Ferme castrale of Hermalle-sous-Huy.

This square farmhouse, adjoining the castle of Hermalle still surrounded by moats, also includes a gatehouse entrance with an arched portal, surmounted by a tufa loggia dated 1642, and one of the most beautiful barns "in deep" in the Province of Liège. In this monumental space is held every weekend a seconhandsbooks market and are sold duplicate books of the library of the Museum.

The farm is also home to the Museum Postes restantes, which tells the story of the Post and writing.


Open all year long -  FR / NL / EN

Weekend : Saturday and Sunday for individual visitors and groups by appointment.
Weekdays : for groups and schools by appointment.
+32- (0)85 31 42 86

The always guided visit lasts 1 hour 30.


Rates (guide included) :

  • Adult & child >12 years old : 6,5 €
  • Child 5-12 years: 5 €
  • Groups and schools : 6 €/person with minimum 15 persons
  • Special ticket Gourmet Museum + Ferme castrale : 10 €/person with minimum 15 persons
  • Special ticket Gourmet Museum + Museum Postes restantes + Ferme castrale : 15 €/person with minimum 15 persons



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Evidence : 

Madame Hanot,
Thanks for the information. I truly enjoyed my visit to Huy to tour the museum and library.  The visit was wonderful and I look forward to returning with my students for another visit.  (…)
Please let M.Menage know that I send my regards.

Aubrey Coffee, PhD
Lecturer and Sensory Coordinator, Dept. of Food Science & Human Nutrition
Clemson University, 224 Poole Agriculture Ctr., Box 340316
Clemson, SC  29634-0316 - 2008, May 13