People in difficulty or disability
are welcome at the farm and its museums.


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Thank you to read the entire page, and to contact us by phone +32 (0)85 31 42 86 prior to the visit, to better organize your stay.


Our association, the Syndicat d'Initiative Hermalle-sous-Huy La Rawète, received the Award CAP48 corporate citizenship 2009 for its "very active policy of accessibility despite limited resources".


The Ferme castrale is an old and complex building, built on a slope.

It has two access. The first is the traditional entry for the public:

the chaussée Terwagne 132a provides access to the entire building

        • to the book market,
        • to the tavern and museums, but with difference of level of 3 or 5 stairs.

the second, 10 rue Gerée, provides access to the courtyard (parking possible), to the museums and to the multipurpose room.  This access is available on request call.


The majority of the disadvantages of the farm for you is compensated by the training of our volunteers who welcome you and are at your's disposal.



General access to the farm and parking:


The courtyard is cobbled.


Parking is easy on the square of the church wich forms a floor plate with chaussée Terwagne and from where starts the slope for disabled people's access to the porch of the Farm.

Anyway, on call to 085 31 42 86 to your arrival at Hermalle, your car can enter in the farm bij rue gerée  and park in the farmyard. One of our volunteers can help you to move.


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Access to the Gourmet museum


No guidance in sign language. An interpreter in the SL can be asked to advance ; his compensation is in addition to the entry price.


Access from the courtyard by a small inclined plane. Seats allow to sit during the tour. Two guides specially trained are at your's disposal.


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Access to the tavern


The tavern is 3 stairs below the court.


You can be served in the multipurpose room (same level with the Museum - Gerée entry) or, weather permitting, at the terrace (Terwagne entry).


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There is no specific WC. But the toilets are accessible to 90% of people by the cobbled courtyard.


The large space of the toilet allows the entry of the chair and a small support bar is attached to the wall.


Access to the books and fleamarket


Access is possible to the barn through the Terwagne entry but the tavern is 3 stairs below.

There is a inclined plane to access the barn ; the service for drinks and food is operational on the terrace at the same level, weather permitting..


"Article 27"


Our association has an agreement with the association Article 27. This means that those in possession of a ticket Article 27 pay a museum admission of € 1.25 instead of the full pricing.

 Enjoy yours visits!

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