Armand Henrot

Armand Henrot is born (August 1, 1926) in Ampsin village of the Meusevalley, near Amay. At the age of 7, he began to collect postage stamps ; this hobby quickly became a passion that led him to possess all the Belgian stamps, and also the French, the Luxembourg ... and to focus on the mail route issued by the study of postmarks.

The whims of fate put him in presence of factor's caps; he then decides to collect different models from different countries, writing to his correspondents as to embassies. It will not only receive headgears but also uniforms! And other objects will be added to : briefcases, canes, clappers, mailboxes, signs, etc..

The volume represented by this new collection, the desire of a ageing man the show it to the public makes that he chooses in 2003 to donate it to the Gourmet Museum of Hermalle-sous-Huy because the curator, Charles Xavier Ménage, helped him in his research.


From l. to r. Armand Henrot and Charles-Xavier Ménage,
at the Postes restantes museum

In 2004, a new small Postal Museum is born in the Ferme castrale, devoted to the postal objects, and by extension, to those of writing - with input from the collection of a voluntary of the association. Armand Henrot weekly monitors it until his health forced him to space their visits.

On 4 August 2005, he fell asleep forever, leaving those who knew him the memory of a "small" volunteer, passionate, generous and how endearing gentleman .