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The service "Poste restante" of the "Ferme castrale" of Hermalle-sous-Huy is at your disposal

    • to tell you what remains of the Post Office in Belgiummuseums speaking – and
    • to talk about writing without which the post would not exist

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Please, note :


Colder weather,
skyrocketing energy costs,
the recurring lack of volunteers
force us to put the Castle Farm in hibernation
from November 28, 2022
to February 28, 2023.
For any request for information please call 085 31 42 86.
Thank you.

3/ Our museum is located in the old castle farm of Hermalle-sous-Huy which houses another museum: the Gourmet museum.

And, obviously, you will find in the tavern a surprising number of specialties.…



La Poste 500 ans histoire E

Information : +32 (0)85 31 42 86