Al Rawète, tavern of the museum

Gastronomic catering

A cooking made in the traditional way with recipes since the 5th to the 19th century!

Au singulier Musée de la Gourmandise, « Al Rawète »est un restaurant totalement voué à la cuisine à l’ancienne et aux plats de terroir. Ceci avec des repas-découvertes de recettes oubliées ou remises à l’honneur dont des recettes du Ve siècle !  Une vraie destination pour amateur d’histoire et de savoir.

"In the singular Gourmet Museum, "Al Rawète" is a restaurant entirely devoted to the old cooking and local dishes. This with discoveries meals of forgotten or reintroduced recipes – from the fifth century! A real destination for amateur of history and knowledge."

Joëlle Rochette, food critic, 2 november 2009


 To be discovered in rooms decorated with antiques of gastronomy,
in front of an open fire, or under the parasols of a green terrace

For the benefit of the npo La Rawète.

We offer indeed a surprising menu and guide you in discovering the history of cooking.

A unique experience in Belgium! ... Whose idea was taken up in 2016 by the Préhistomuseum of Flémalle where the historian Pierre Leclercq (who was persuaded by us to focus on the history of cooking) offers four menus the weekend on reservation only.

Dare to our specialties, both for dishes as for drinks! At very reasonable prices...

The food list is established for six months (autumn-winter, spring-summer menu) and the dishes offered are made according to old recipes (the oldest dating back to the fifth century) or are part of the regional heritage; they were selected from books of our Gourmet Library.

The surprise is guaranteed! You can choose online from the menu published below and book with a phone call on +32 (0) 85 31 42 86.

H 21 Drinks Bob


H 21 Drinks alcohol


H 21 Dishes 1


H 21 Dishes 2


H 21 Dishes 3


Also note that the menu gives historical information.
Did you know how old are Maitrank and Jupiler? the rinkinkin and St. Mengold? the saulge saulcisse and snails "en fricassée de poulets"? Belgian waffle and eggs Lombard? ^ _ ^

The tavern of the museums, animated by volunteers of our association, is open all year, on Saturday from 14 to 19:00 and Sunday from 11 to 19:00.  N.B. please : To allow our volunteers to spend evening with their family, the last orders for cooking are at 18:30 from March to October and at 18:00 from November to February.

In weekdays, reconstitutions of old recipes can be proposed to the groups as museum's animations – please, see behind.

It is possible to pay with cash or with your smartphone at the tavern - history of not having to make the round-trip Hermalle-Engis or Amay (8 km anyway ...) to use automated banking.
And this by simply using the Bancontact application to download beforehand.

logo payconiq bancontact

Once the application is installed, you just have to scan the QR code we will present, type your pin code, and the amount will be automatically transferred to the account of our non-profit organization.

Please, note: this only applies to payments due to the tavern for amounts over € 10. Not to the flea market!
And it will not be possible to use the system to "draw" extra money because we only have a small cash.


Popular local place to eat. Prices were good and food was quite yummy. Lots of local beers to choose from on the menu. Mark given : ****°

jpossum, Aussie (Netherlands), 2010 May 31, on



For groups of minimum 15 persons, we also propose meals-animations according to the recipes of the library:

Animation 1 sitting

French breakfast

1 coffee, bread, butter, jam



Health beakfast

1 coffee, bread, butter, cooked pork meats, cheese, fruit juice
idem + 1 puff pastry


Gourmet cold dish

With vegetable pie and 5 kinds of meats


Gourmet warm dish

Chicken like in Liège,

blanquette de veau, or

simmered beef




Belgian cheeses

With bread & butter


Soupe à l'ognon

Soup with onions, with bread and butter


Afternoon snack

1 coffee + cake


Light meal

1 coffee + 2 bread rolls, butter, ham and cheese



Animation 3 or 4 sittings


The "2 services"


1- "Salade liégeoise" grean beans with lardons like in Liège,
2- Baked apple



Typiquement liégeois

1- Salad with lardons,
2- Meat balls like in Liège,
3- Cake


De Hermalle à la Gaume

1- Home made poultry pâté,
2- Soupe with vegetables and streaky bacon,
3- Ice cream


Grand Liège

1- "Stron d'poye" bread, fromage blanc, syrop of pear and appel as in Liège,
2- Chiken like in the country of Liège,
3- Chocolate mousse


Jardin de Liège

1- Soup of vegetables,
2- Slices of pork like in Liège,
3- Fresh fruit salad


Repas du Moyen Âge

Recipes from 14th and 15th c.

1- Porée verte au lait d'amandes - Viandier de Taillevent, France, 14th c. (mixed soup green vegetables with almonds)
2- Cormarye - Form of Cury, 14th c. (pork with cumin, vegetable and mixed salad) + Minces (Ménagier de Paris 14th c. (Brussels sprout salad)
3- Apple sauce and gingerbread, Harleian, Angleterre, 15th c.


Grande Croustille

Recipes from 14th and 15th c.

1- Potaige de pommes (fruit) - 15th c. (soup with apples)
2- Orengue de Pouchin (chicken with orange) - 14th c.
3- Pomesmoille (apple sauce with spices and almonds) - 15th c.



We remain at your disposal for other suggestions according to your budget or your taste.

These animations for groups are valid from Monday to Friday (the weekend, on prior agreement).
We offer the meal to the driver of the bus.

A confirmation of the number of reserved meals must reach us minimum 8 days in advance per post at Rue Gerée 10, B-4480 Hermalle-sous-Huy or by e-mail.